Today marks one year since we lost you.
Without you, our lives feel a little less bright.
Every person has to die one day, and it’s the bitter truth of life.
Our heart still can’t accept that you are not with us anymore.
You were our strength.
You still live in our hearts and minds.
Time flies away so soon, but not a single day passes without you in our thoughts.
Your presence continues to surround and lead us.

We are nobody to question God’s will. But we feel hurt that he called you so soon. I dreamt of living a long life together, but you left me here and went to heaven alone.
The world says that time heals everything, but I still can’t stop my tears even after one year.
Miss you a lot!

Regi : A Teacher, A Wife, and A Mother

Regi was a remarkable woman who always held her head high and gave endlessly to those around her. She never let emotions come in the way of truth and passion, and this virtue made family, colleagues, friends admire her.

She had a child-like glee in her eyes when I met her first, and we both agreed and decided to be lifelong partners. She is passionate about her profession, dedicated to excelling at teaching students. Her hard work and drive made her grow from a teacher at a small school and become the department head at a 100-Year-old college in Chennai at a young age. As head of the department, managing the internal challenges and coordinating with the education department was tough. But she always posed with confidence while executing any tasks, short in stature but tall in commanding.

She expressed her personality by choosing dresses that suited her and the selection of shades to present herself with dignity.

She went the extra mile to guide students during the weekends. She invited students to our home to coach them either in the dissertations or projects. She is a straightforward academician and wears the cap of a counsellor, a consoler, to help students facing family challenges. She always considered the purpose of her life as a teacher. She never let any attributes come in the way of truth and her convictions. A fundamental principle of an exemplary academician was, essentially, her second nature. Regi never was afraid to speak her mind.

Regi helped me redefine my life by motivating and encouraging me to take on challenges in my career and constantly contributing to my well-being. She was a perfect mother for Meghna, recalling days of teaching life values to the little girl. Regi is a silent philanthropist, and most of the time, we won’t know about her contributions. Many of us would look for her guidance in difficult situations since she had real-life experience solving issues with boldness and courage. She pays attention to details and values the relationship, personal or official.

Kind in nature and stern when it comes to discipline. Gentle and sensitive. Regi loves green landscapes, the trickling sound of small water streams, and waterfalls’ views.

Regi, my beautiful, sweet, darling wife, may you be at peace, and God bless you.

Regi, Missing You!

Remember her, oh my soul, for she is a blessing
Remember her with gladness and gratitude
Remember her with happiness and thankfulness
Remember her with joy and obligation
Tears and sadness will follow me for year’s
My mind may say forget, but my heart will remember her my lifetime
Each day spent with her is a treasure
Let me try to smile each day seeing her in my thoughts
It will not be easy, but I will walk the rest of the days with her on my side!

Let me go, bye!

16 Replies to “Regi Fernando – Lost and Found”

  1. Regi we know her from her childhood a gentle, loveable and kind person. A good mother and teacher. Very smart with good will power and command . GOD be with her always and she is in our hearts for ever.🍁

    1. God, she is so beautiful sir. I really wish I could have met her when I had the chance. I am sure she will be watching over from the heaven and guide you and Meghna as your guardian angel. Love ❤️
      – Krispin, Abigail & Rachel

      1. Hey Krispin, thanks for taking the time to attend the memorial service today.
        Yes, she is a beautiful soul, helpful. Check with her in your prayers and she will recall you as Krispin!

  2. I knew Regi mam when I started my education at Queen Mary’s College. She was a wonderful teacher and also a mother wherever I needed her. She was amazing counselor to guide us in all aspects with the help of God’s grace. We miss you mam but happy that we will meet you in the eternal life.

  3. I agree with each and everything penned down about Regi . Wonderful person indeed
    No words to appreciate the master piece write up penned by you John in translating your life your feelings and life with Regi . Praying for you John and Megna always . May the Lords comforting peace and presence be with u snd dear aunty

  4. Regi can’t forger this name till I live.Most lovable cousin.Most important person of my life.God be with her and we shall remember her in our prayers

    1. Thanks, Bennet. I still remember those special Sundays we used to spend with Regi.
      What a disappointment but she still lives with us. Talk to her in your prayers!

  5. John, you have lost the brightness that lit your path after a brief time, but recollect the beautiful memories of that time,the great person that Regi was, the love you shared, the blessing in Meghna that she has left behind for you to cherish and nurture. May those thoughts bring strength & comfort to you and Meghna. We are sorry that you have lost the love of your life and pray that the loving presence of God, will throw brightness back into your life and lead you on day after day until you reunite with your beloved.

    1. Hi Deena

      Words can’t take away the pain of losing a loved one.
      I was saddened to hear about Keerthy, and our thoughts are with you and your family.
      Peace be with you all.

  6. You will always be in our hearts dearest Regi. The most kindest, courageous, determined and positive person and may the light shine on you forever. Love from Manju & family

  7. Dear Friend,
    Just saw/read all of your blogs and saddened with your loss, my heart felt condolences and hope you got all your strength back in the past 2 years….
    Stay strong and I amazed with your travel blogs, take care
    Kannan/Kannappan(old froend)

    1. Hi Kannappan – It is a surprise that after a long time, we are connected. I am happy to reconnect with you.
      It is so unfortunate, and I appreciate your thoughts and empathy.
      Soon we will have a call. Meanwhile, stay safe and best regards to your family.

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